Hangin' with Pops at Sunset; 48"x36" $950

Flying Turtle 16x12; $250

Laguna Low Tide; 16x10; $200

Dolpin and Friends; 12x20 $300

           Turtle and Friends; 8x11 $150

Surf's Up

18x20 acrylic on board $400

Pier Pressure Sold

12x16 acrylic on canvas

Newport Pavilion; 18x12 $250

The Hay is in the Barn

36x24; oil on canvas $700

Crystal Cove Tide Pool

12x16 acrylic on board $400


18x20 acrylic on board $400

Date Night

12x16 acrylic on canvas board $300

Ventura low tide SOLD

48x36 acrylic on canvas

Ray of Light

12x16 oil on board $400

Laguna Tides

12x16 Oil on board $400

Laguna Sand SOLD

30x12 oil on canvas

Marlboro Man

18x24 acrylic on board $500

Dark Shadows

12x14 acrylic on canvas $400

Hanging with Pops SOLD

48x36 acrylic on canvas $950

Hello SOLD

16x20 acrylic on board

Sacrifice for Us

SC Pier Sold

12x14 acrylic on canvas

Ultimate Love

Down Under SOLD

12x14 acrylic on canvas